Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loaded Potatoes

I saw an add for loaded potatoes and my mouth started drooling!
There has got to be a healither way to makes these guys right?

I went to the kitchen to find out.  Succeed I did.  The whole family gave it 5 stars.   Here is my recipe for a better loaded potato:

5 potatos washed
1/2 c. plain non-fat Greek yogurt
1/4 c. Habinaro cheese
4 TB reduced sodium real bacon bits
seasoning of choice to taste (I used Ranch flavored popcorn seasoning, or use Mrs Dash no salt seasonings)

Cut potatoes in half and cook in microwave for 6 minutes.  Let cool enough to scoop out most of the potato from the skin and place in a mixing bowl.  Combine all ingredients and mix well.   Fill potato skins with mixture.  *optional- lightly sprinkle more cheese on top.
Place on lined cookie sheet and put in the oven on Broil untill the tops of the potato goldens.
Cool slightly and enjoy!

By substituting the sour cream for Greek yogurt we've reduced fat, calories and added a complete source of protein.  We've keep our cheese in proportion but still enough to taste.  Which is why I used Habinaro cheese, it gives more flavor so you can get away with using less.  And the reduced sodium bacon bits helps keep our salt in check.  So you can enjoy a little better some comfort food.

p.s. We're still heading to just having some glitches thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Healthy in Heels?

I love heels.

They are so fun, and feminine!  I like to be ruff and tough but I like to be a lady too.

High Heels can be damaging.  We've all heard it.  When we feel pain good is usually not being done.  But damage is.  Will that stop you from wearing heels even if a Dr says so?

I like to say yes but really, no.  I'm still gonna wear heels.

So When I was sent a pair of Dr. Scholl’s® For Her High Heels Insoles I was excited.  Will they help keep the pain away and thus possibly reduce damage?

I wanted to wear them for awhile before I gave you my diagnosis.  But I do love them.  I will admit they took a couple of trial and error to get them in the right spot-very important.  But then the magic began, I had less pain in my feet.
So If you want to keep your cute heels on a little longer before you get sore feet.  Give these High Heel Insoles a try.  Also see if there are any coupons on-line for your purchase too.

Campaign Image

Also as a money saver If you load a special coupon on your Kroger card you can get double fuel points on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Simply download the fuel savings digital coupon to your Plus Card, then shop at your neighborhood Kroger store to start earning.   This is a summer only promotion through July 31.  So do your grocery shopping on the weekend and get more bang for your buck.  I've made this picture a link to your coupon for your ease.
Have a healthy and happy week.

I did receive a $5 dollar coupon as incentive to sign up for 2x fuel points.  I received this campaign for being a Bzzagent through