Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Last week I participated in a blog cookie swap. Man, did I revive some devilishly good cookies from Caryn at the Mid Life Guru.
Now I am everything health here at The EfficientBody Diary so I could NOT send her ordinary cookies!  I decided to send her 3 kinds of cookies. One had no added sugar, one was a recipe made over "healthy," and the third was just ordinary cookies.  (I had to be true to my style and have some fun with it.)
Oatmeal Crasin
Chocolate Chip and Coconut Cookie Bar

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Here are the pics, can you tell which is which?  I also did a taste test with some friends of mine and they could not tell.-yea!  I just wish you guys could taste them.
Okay, did you decide?
Really pick which is which....

The answers:  The oatmeal is normal unhealthy, despite it's misleading title. The Triple Chocolate (my favorite) has no added sugar.  This again is misleading because it's made with pudding and cake mix.  Both of which already have sugar in them. (see how easily those marketers can manipulate things so they appear healthy?)  Lastly, the Chocolate Coconut has been made over.  I took out the shortening, the white sugar and the refined flour.  This one you would never guess (when tasting) that it was made over.  Everyone gobbles them up every time I make them.

But here is the thing.  I'm notorious for not writing down my recipes.  I just make it and usually it turns out.  So I will give you what I remember of the Cookie Bar recipe. So take it with a grain of salt.  And I will work on my flaws.

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Bars:
1/2 C. Margerin
1/2 C. Low Fat Cream Cheese
*blend until smooth
1 C. Brown Sugar
1/4 C Honey
2 Eggs
1.5 tsp. Vanila
*blend until smooth
1.5 tsp. Baking Soda
3 C. Oatmeal Flour (you can make this in your blender)
12oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
*Mix by hand

Pour mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread out evenly with a spatula. Sprinkle desired amount of coconut on top and bake 350 until done.

Ha!- I remembered it all except the honey I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure that's it.  The baking time though? Traditionally only 9 minutes but these have a lot more moisture so cook them until slightly golden.
Give these a try, you can't go wrong.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Link up!

Our goal is to go beyond inspiration, we want to go for empowered.  Giving you the knowledge you need for action.  Everything you need for a healthier lifestyle: make a change, try something new, or keeping it fresh.  So every Wednesday link up here at the EfficientBody Diary to share what you do to be healthy.

In linking up:
1. Make sure you link to a specific post
2. Grab my button or link up somewhere on your blog (party page, sidebar, text link, in the body of the post, whatever works for you).
3. Visit the link ahead of you in the line up as well as one of choice. -don't forget to leave a comment.
4. Keep it "G" rated

(And If your feeling extra healthy follow The EfficientBody Diary;)

Evey Wednesday I will feature one of you from the previous week's link party.
Today's feature is one of my quick workout routines. This one is super easy, a "recovery" from Thanksgiving.

Let's have fun and be healthy.
This link up party was inspired by Emily from Dirt and Pearls, check out this fabulous woman.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Catching Up

Happy Cyber Monday everyone!
FYI EfficientBody is having a huge sale. $50 off all of their battling/fitness ropes, and workouts. Plus free shipping.  Amazing deal!

Also exciting, we start filming this week for our new home fitness program.-Yea! There are a few obstacles that need overcome but other than that were set.  I'm so glad were almost there.  In celebration of this mile stone we will be hosting a link up party right here on Wednesday.

People from everywhere and anywhere will be able to link in what they do or are planning to do to be healthy.  Anything from recipes, to workout routines, how to stay away from junk.  Anything related to living a healthy lifestyle.  The link will be open all day so check back in often to see what's been posted.

As a kick off to our "Empower Me Healthy" link up I will have a new workout posted for you on Wednesday also.  Lots of fun be sure to check it out.
-Till Wednesday...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Prep a Healthy Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is how I prep my turkey, a healthy and no-fuss way.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to have your pie and eat it too

Thanksgiving is upon us, yea!  BUT we've been working so hard to get our bodies in shape, be better about our eating and reap the benefits of health.  So what are we to do when the averaged turkey dinner is over 1,000 calories?  That is a normal turkey dinner not a Thanksgiving dinner.  T-day dinner has well let's just leave it at "more."

We all want health but who wants to nibble on salad on the day of feasting? I'm with you, not me.  With 3 easy steps we can enjoy the meal with less guilt. 

Here is the plan:
1. Exercise.  As soon as you get up.  This will get the metabolism going.  Ideally your doing some High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT.  HIIT, is the most efficient way of exercising and will burn tons of calories well after you've completed the routine.

2. Eat.  After exercise keep that metabolism going with food.  Eat a small meal that includes a complete source of protein. Eggs are ideal.  My choice would be one egg cooked with whole wheat toast and a slice of cheese.

3. Snack.  Every two hours eat a small snack.  Or snitch on what your preparing.  Eat apples with skins on, some turkey, veggies, wheat roll.  Try and keep it healthy but keep the snacks coming.  This again aims at the metabolism to stay fired up. Keep snacking, rather than eating meals (every two-three hours) until the feast is to begin.

At feast time get a modest plate full and enjoy.  Talk, laugh, relax.  Then go for more! You have trained your body to handle food every couple of hours.  So feel free to eat seconds and thirds in those intervals.  Just be mindful of what your eating.  Pick a well balanced plateful, so it doesn't back fire on you.

Then to pies.  If your health conscious choose one with less sugar and junk like Pumpkin rather than Lemon Meringue. Stick to one slice though.  If there are leftovers you can have another slice the next day.  More than one is a quick way to pack on the pounds.

But that's it.  Easy 3 steps: Exercise, Eat, Snack.  Hope you enjoy the day!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Counting on you

Hey guys,
Something big might happen!  But I am in need of your help, it really can't be done with out you.  FedEx has accepted EfficientBody into their small business grant contest!!!  That means were up for big bucks.  I can't even tell you what this would mean. 
We could launch many new products were waiting of funding for. We could spread our knowledge, get reasonably priced fitness products out.  (Have you seen some of those prices? -ouch)  So long story short we need your vote in this contest.
If your a fan of my blog, EB, or just want to help us out and do something meaningful (so, so meaningful) then please go here and vote for us.  You can even vote everyday until the 24th.

Now on to other things.
How much candy and junk food have you eaten in the last 30 days?  A lot? A little?  I will confess I've not been so good.  After my workout with Nicole and Rachel we did a quick cleanse to help get the junk out of the body, rid it of toxins, bacteria, viruses etc.  A cleanse will also help get rid of sugar cravings too. 

There any MANY degrees of cleanses and many types. This is not something you need to do often depending on the degree you choose.  I would recommend every 3 months or so to focus on cleansing the body.

The easiest is with Essential Oils put 3 drops of: lemon, lime and if you like lemon liquid Stevia.  into 12 oz. of water and drink your tasty sprite-like drink.

I know many of you don't have Essential Oils so you can do this: 8oz. water, 1/8 tsp. Cyanne pepper, 1 Tb. pure maple syrup, and 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon.  This is extremely effective but in my opinion not very tasty.

So your third option is to do this with whole foods that aid in the enzyme production in your body.  Enzymes are the things responsible for braking down toxins and such.
Foods to focus on are: prunes, blueberries, bananas, flax seed, grapefruit, cucumbers and kale.  Also add a complete protein so your body doesn't take it form your muscles.

So all things in prudence.  There are some crazy cleanses out there, fruit only, veggie only, many offering weight loss.  I would stay away from any that ask you to do them for more than one day.  24 hours is completely sufficient.  Any more than that could have damaging effects on the body.  I don't even do them for a full day.  I prefer mild cleanses. I just sip one bottle full through out the day and still eat my meals as normal.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumpkin Waffles

I've got so much pumpkin mush from my Jack-o-lanterns that I even made baby food with out having a baby to give it to.  I just needed something to do with it all.
Just in case you have as much pumpkin as I do I thought you would enjoy a new recipie.

Pumpkin Waffles
2 c. oat flour
1 Tb. baking powder
3/4 tsp. Pumpkin Pie spice *use 1 Tb. if using fresh pumpkin
1/2 c. Canola oil
3/4 c. pumpkin
1/4 t. salt
3 eggs, separated
1 3/4 c. Valina Almond milk (can be substituted for regular milk)
1/2 c. chopped pecans (optional)

Sir flour, backing powder, pumpkin pie spice and salt together in a large bowl.  In a medium bowl mix well: egg yolks, milk, oil and pumpkin.  Add to dry ingredients.  Beat egg whites in a separate bowl until they form peaks, then fold into batter.  Pour into waffle iron.

Now the secret to this healthy recipe is the Cinnamon Cream Syrup!!!  This will take these average Pumpkin Waffles into AMAZING impress the In-laws food.  But, it is not very healthy so I will be in the kitchen making over the syrup so that it is still delish but yet not so hard on the body.

I will post the New syrup recipe on the EfficientBody Facebook page.  If you want to give this recipe a try then go "like" the page so the recipe can show up in your feed.  I'll also tweet (@efficentbjamie) you when it's done.

-Happy pumpkining!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Stress Less

"It the most wonderful time of the year"...When everyone's stressing and trying to be of good cheer.
The holidays can be amazing, and have potential for amazing amounts of stress.  Stress can do a number on your body!  One of the side effects is weight gain.  I only want to gain weight if I have the luxury of melting fudge in my mouth, and not just because I'm worried about what gift to give.

So here are some sure fire ways to reduce if not avoid stress altogether this season.
 1. Plan head
Think about everything WAY ahead of time.  Remember how in August I was all planed out for October? Zero stress.  I had plenty of time to sew costumes, get my body in shape and whistle while I did it.  Make out your holiday plan.  Where are you going? Are you cooking, bringing a dish?  What is it.

2. Early Action
Get all of your holiday shopping done by Black Friday.  That way you are done! No worries on if you can find something last minute.  Black Friday is really the last good sale day.  If you are doing the black day.  Again plan ahead, know what's out there, and exactly where in the store it is.  I pick out what I'm after then go into the store two days before and locate the item.  That way I'm in and out in minimal time.  Also If you can, bring a buddy.  One person waits in line at the cash register the other hurdles Grannys to get the goods.   Here are my go to websites for black shopping:,

If your cooking Thanksgiving dinner yourself, again early action.  I pre-make all desserts and freeze them.  I have done two pumpkin pies (one for x-mas) and a Key Lime.  My Lemon Meringue I will do tomorrow.  That way I have less to worry about and more time for relaxing and enjoying family.  Also you feel like Wonder Woman because you really did it all.

3. Hydrate and Sleep
When your stressed your body requires more H20.  Give that body what it need to stay up with all the holiday action.  Don't forget to sleep.  Staying up late can be fun on occasion but can really tax the body (and your personality).  Also you look better after some good REM. So show off you best side hydrate and sleep.

4. Pay Attention
Pay attention to yourself! Are you getting a sore throat?  A runny nose?  Nip it in the but at first signs.  Even small ones.  My recommendation is essential oils.  They circulate in  the body with in 3 minutes of use, with no side effects.  I take an empty gel capsule and put in 4 drops of each of the following doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils: Frankincense, Oregano, OnGaurd.  2-3 times a day depending on how bad I am.  Works like a charm.

5. Exercise
More energy, more confidence, more endorphins.  Who wouldn't want to be around that person?  Do it!  You only need 30 minutes a day.  Make it hard and fast.

Give It a try, and have a Happy and Healthy Holidays!

p.s.  Are finances a source of stress for you? Here are some tips for those too:
1. Shop e-bay:  better prices, usually free shipping or at least you can send it to it's intended owner with out doing the work yourself.
2. Thrift shop:  so many great treasures there.
3. Garage sale:  plan ahead and watch those summer to fall garage sales and get great stuff cheap.  I've spoiled my kids this year using half of the budget.
4. Black Friday:  It can be fun, dress right, get out early, and plan on standing forever!  The thrill of the hunt is amazing.
5. Make something:  Homemade gifts can be a charm.  Especially with DIY sites and pinterest.  The world is yours.  And how fun it is to say "thanks, I made it."

Here is my Pinterest sight, I'd love for you to see more about me and my interests.  Feel free to follow my boards.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Check in

Today we are going to check in with Rachel and Nicole, my team four our up coming home fitness program.  If you remember, they are not fitness gurus, they are everyday people who want to increase their health and fitness.
Can I tell you that they are doing fabulous?   These girls started the workouts at a basic and beginner level, and now they are preforming advanced moves and are using heavier weights.  How far they have come in only about 3 weeks!  Each week I push them a little father, a little harder.

When I asked them if they felt like they had the routine down and a good handle on it. Nicole said: "I always think I do until the next week, when you make it harder."
 So perfect!  That's what we want.  To always push, keep stretching ourselves, never settling.  As they keep doing that and as you do as well, results will be seen.
Nicole has twin girls and can carry them both at the same time, something she could not do 3 weeks ago.

Rachel started out using 2.5 lbs weights and is now up to 7.5!   Her back pain has lessened, and she is getting quite explosive in her movements.

I hope my Operation Cat Woman photos and stories, as well as Nicole's and Rachel's inspire you to make fitness a priority and know that results are possible with out doing crazy crash diets, starving yourself etc.   All you need is to cut out the crud you eat, focus on whole grains and veggies and pair that with an efficient fitness program that will push you, work you, and not waist your time.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jack-o-lantern to Pumpkin Pie

What a crazy week! And what trials are mine with chocolate in the house.  What's a girl to do?  Anyway, here is my method of turning your Jack-o-lantern into pumpkin mush I promised you.

The only thing you need to remember is using fresh pumpkin is more bland than canned pumpkin so you need to double or triple your spices.  Only your spices, no other ingredients.  Just be sure to taste your batter to make sure it's well spiced before baking.

 It's fairly simple: 1. cut  2. cook  3. blend  4. strain  5. freeze.  From one large pumpkin I got enough for: 2 pies, cookies, 3 pumpkin rolls, and waffles.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Operation CatWoman-epilouge

Hey guys here it is my Halloween pics.  Three months of body work, and trying hard (but not always succeeding) to stay away from the junk.

What do you think, successful?  I'm not perfect yet, but I am pleased with the direction I'm going.  Here are some pics of the whole family.
Do you love Batman?  Can I brag and tell you that I made that costume.

And here is my Resses pumpkin and Diego.
We had a blast on Halloween!!! And It was so fun to wear my costume that I had worked hard to wear.  I was in heaven with rewards: my costume - I fit and I got lots of chocolate.

So I thought It would be great to review some of the things I did to get here:
Worked the abs, shaped the glutes, ate more veggies, measured my water intake, took a well made vitamin daily, watched it while eating out, cooked with good fats and limited bad, made sure I sweat everyday, mixed up my routine, ate whole grains -Always, made sure I was always movinghad some fun with it, and kept my goal in sight.

If you've been following me this whole time these things are not new to you but can be good reminders to keep on the healthy path.
And remember don't throw away your jack-o-lanterns!!! I'm putting a video together today (hopefully it will be up tomorrow) on how to turn it into a pumpkin pie, cookies, cake etc.

Thanks for working with me on your goals.  If any of you have pictures I'd love to see them.  Tweet them to me.

p.s. I'd love for you to follow me on twitter too.  @efficentbjamie