Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Help your body

In the battle to loose our excess, tone up what we've got and have energy while doing it there are things we can do to help our bodies succeed. One of those things are vitamins.
But aren't vitamins and supplements just a sales gimmick?  Yes, and no.  Supplements do not have to be regulated by the FDA.  There are certain stipulations, and criteria that must be met of course.  But compared to food and medicines, supplements (vitamins fall under supplements) rein free.
Meaning that if you buy a bottle of 90mg flax seed capsules there may or may not be 90mg of flax in there.  There could be 50mg with 40mg of "fillers" or pesticides, and debris from harvesting your supplement.
Some companies have chosen to be dishonest, some don't have full control of the product from plant to retail. Few do have full control, and some just choose to conduct business on the honesty policy. That is the industry we live in.
But we also live in a time of nutrient depleted soil, scientific hybridizing of seeds,  altering the seeds and plants in many ways to resist drout and bugs better.  While their intentions may have been pure, what has happened is a tomato is not as nutrient rich as it was 100-200 years ago.  Not just tomatoes but all plants in general.
Thus, to get all the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health is more difficult.  Let alone how we complicate it with fast food, artificial substances and preservatives.
That is where supplements come in.  We need a bit extra to meet our daily quota.  So how do you choose in such a vast array of options?
First, to a large degree you get what you pay for.  When I choose my vitamins at my grocery store I looked for vitamins that were well balanced.  Vitamins work together they are all interdependent on each other such as calcium.  Calcium needs vitamin D for full absorption, that's why almost all milk is fortified with it.
Next, I looked for one that did not have outrageous amounts, like 300% of a daily value.  Because the body will only absorb so much.  You only need large amounts for therapeutic reasons validated by a doctor or dietitian.  And all vitamins have a toxicity range, you can have too much.  It's usually hard to reach that range but it's possible.
Lastly, I looked for minerals.  Ohh these are so so important!  Minerals are needed in small amounts in the body but control much of the bodies regulations.
After that I look for the cheapest;)
Be sure to check the label.  I was looking at Women's Centrum when I saw a store brand much cheaper which said "compare to exactly what I was looking at".  So I did and they were NOT the same.  The store brand had lower levels of some vitamins and minerals and two minerals were missing altogether.  So be sure the check!
I then bought the expensive one, and a bottle of flax seed because flax is the best healthy and essential fat out there.  Our body needs this for MANY reasons.  Good skin, nails, and hair.  Also vitamins A, D, E, and K are all fat soul-able.  Which means a active (not sorted) source of fat must be present to use them.
I've had no complaints about my vitamins until I tried some really pricey ones.  I can honestly say that I had more energy!  I felt better.
The difference?  These were made from whole food sources, not scientific copies, so they have a better absorption rate.  Also they are in a food capsule not vacuumed packed into one large solid horse pill.  Another thing is that they have FULL control of the entire process in making the supplements, this is makes it more expensive.  And a bonus, they've also added essential oils into them.  I have yet to see a vitamin that has the amazing benefits of frankincense in it. Just to top it off they give a guarantee:
"Just 30 days to change your life- Guaranteed." 
 You do have to be a preferred customer for the money back guarantee though.  But still that's confidence in their product.
What is it?  It's called  "Lifelong Vitality Pack" by doTerra.  The pack comes with 3 different supplements: "Mircoplex VMz," (vitamins) "xEO Mega" (essential oils like flax), and Alpha CRS+ (cellular vitality complex)
If you want to buy them or find out more check this website out :
These are what I've used for the past 4 months and love them.  Like I said they are expensive but if you become a preferred customer you get 25% off these and all products they offer.

Here is today's menu:
breakfast: 2 eggs with Pico De Gallio and grapefruit
snack: protein shakes and recovery drink
lunch: Cilantro Burger and asparagus (flavored with white cheddar:)
snack: beef jerky, protein shake
dinner: BBQ chicken leftovers with kale side salad

Warm up-Walk one lap
Run 6 laps
Cool down- walk one lap, this is my kinds turn to run, and my turn to hydrate.
(this totals 2 miles, for beginners walk 1, run 2-3, walk 1)
After that my kids get a snack and I do bleachers.
Run 12x up the bleachers (beginners do the stairs they are not has high as the actual seats)
X12-Run up the bleachers, 20 modified pushups at the top, run down, do 12 triceps dips at the bottom.
Rest and hydrate
X12 bleacher runs.
Hydrate and DONE!

I needed to hit this again today so I could blast more calories and really hit my legs hard for the last time this week.

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