Friday, August 10, 2012

Continue Mission?

I woke up this morning pumped to do my last workout before the shoot.  While I was focused on the task I started feeling funny.  I went outside to do a quick run, started speed walking for my warm-up when..."Stop rocking the boat." I got really dizzy.  I was worried that I wouldn't get my run in so I just decided to go for it.  I broke into a run (yes, you can tell how well I was thinking at the time) and the dizziness got worse I could barley tell where I was.  I almost got hit by a car.  I was seriously messed up.  It calmed down slightly, but not enough that I could really tell where an object was.  Long story short, I only lasted 15 minutes running and decided my life was not worth this run.
What happened?
Well I'm no Dr. but I think my body could no longer handle my extreme diet.  No salt, sugars, fruit, grains.  Only meat and a few veggies.  But it's the eve before my shoot!  I've worked so hard.
 Do I just throw it all a way and have a bowl of cereal? or Continue Mission?

I decided neither was good. Alter mission, I would give myself some salt and some sweet potatoes.  That way I would feel better but not retain all the carbs I ate.  So as of now I still feel crappy, and so weak!  I haven't even unstacked the dishwasher and it's almost dinner time.  I've wasted a whole day.
Why did I even attempt this again?  Yes again. I'm in the health industry I'm always trying new stuff.  So I did try a similar plan, one not as extreme.
I did it because well, I wanted the results.  My figure competitor friend did it so it works right?  Even though it goes agents everything I believe in and I did have a bad feeling about it, I did it anyway.  I'm so mad at myself!
Never compromise what you believe in.
It's been experimenting with crazy diets over the YEARS that we came up with our slogan for EfficientBody Real workouts Real Food for REAL LIFE.  I was not doing life so well as demonstrated by my day so far. 
What we teach and what I'm re-committed to it eating "right" and healthy in a way that allows you to live life better. Enjoy it more.  No crash diets and craziness.  I've done so many and they never have good results.
I guess I also lost confidence in myself.  I always teach this stuff, how to eat REAL food but really healthy.  Sometimes we loose focus in a world with so many voices and think maybe I'm not right.
But I am, my background, training, religion, and experience tells me so!
So come Monday (It will take me that long to recover, if I can even make it through the shoot) we will get our game on.  EfficientBody style!  Let's be real and do this right.

Good grief, Let's not go there today.

cleaning the kitchen and going up the stairs;)
or for you people actually in real life do a 30 minute run or Yoga.
(check your local library for videos or youtube)

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  1. That is so true! Thanks for sharing. I think we all need a reminder to stay in the real world and do what we really know is right for out bodies.