Your EfficientBody Gear

Batteling Ropes and Accessories

Break out of that boring routine with something fun, fresh and effective.

Ultimate Efficiency 40' bundle is for Beginner to Intermediate fitness levels.  This bundles comes with:

  • 40' fitness rope with comfort grip handles
  • Full color exercise, step by step, guide e-book
  • 4 progressive audio workout routines on CD 

$50 for Demo bundle 

 4 audio workouts on CD for Fitness/Battling rope circuits.


Ultimate Efficiency is fitness/ battleing ropes at its best. 

This bundle is designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels and comes with:

  • 50' fitness rope with comfort grip handles
  • Exercise guide e-book showing you the best moves for fitness ropes
  • 4 audio routines on CD

      $60 for Demo bundle