Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Resistance Bands - Upper Body

Wow, what a week.  We spent 4 hours in ER on Monday.  Near the end of my track workout my youngest boy got a small boulder to the head.  He's fine just needed to be stitched up.
But on to healthier things.  Here is a simple yet effective upper body workout for resistance bands. (more complex workouts available in the future)
Warm up for safety, do your reps (10, 15, or 30) repeat the whole thing 3 times.
I've just got the printable this time but if any one wants a demo video to see how to set up etc. let me know and I'll post it.

Enjoy the burn.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Low Carb Breakfast Burritos

There seems to be two prevailing diets out there in the health world right now, one being Low Carb and the other vegetarian.   I disagree with long term use of with both of these diets but eating with these ideals from time to time or a couple nights a week have large benefits.
So today I have for you Low Carb Breakfast Burritos.  This recipe makes about 7 burritos.  We ate them for dinner and then I froze the rest.  I like to have a stock of healthy food on hand so when I'm super hungry or running behind schedule I can still eat right. (and yes they still tasted good after a week in the arctic;)
Brown 16oz. of ground chuck with 1.5 TB of Basil, 1.5 TB of Crushed Red Peppers. You can use whatever ground meat you'd like, chuck is one of the more healthier options so that is what I used. 
So these spices are going to flavor our meat like sausage.  I like spicy food so I also added some sprinkles of Mrs. Dash Extra spicy.  Don't be afraid of this, it wasn't too spicy.   It was still mild enough for my kids to have.  But if your nervous about the spice you can omit that.
Next scramble an egg for each burrito you plan on.  Dice some tomatoes and cilantro. Cilantro is one of the miracles of this recipe I would highly recommend not skipping it!
Now time to fill. Get your tortillas, you can use wheat or regular.  Fill with a large 1/4 cup of meat, then 1/7th of the eggs. Pile on top the tomatoes and cilantro.  And finish off with 2 TB of Mexican cheese blend. 
Now roll 'em top with salsa and eat 'em.  Or If you really want these to "pop" after you roll them grill them on med-high heat in your frying pan until golden brown on each side.  This really makes them taste amazing.
I never told my taste testing crew that it was not sausage in the burritos, and they never questioned!  Reduced so much sodium, and artery clogging gunk by doing that.  Enjoy!

P.S. Some exciting news  "Advendtures of FitMom" is getting a makeover!  We are going to be making some changes around here.  Were going to do what I tell my clients, do it better, and harder.  So were going to try to do just that.  Were planning some great stuff I hope you enjoy.  So don't be alarmed when things start to look different around here.  Our last day to have the changes done is by August so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Resistance Bands-Lower Body

OK, here it is your lower body resistance bands workout!  It's simple but can easily be altered for all fitness levels.
Beginners: Use a light resistance band, aim for 10 reps each side on every exercise.
Intermediate: Use medium to heavy bands, aim for 15 reps each side on every exercise.
Advanced: Use heavy bands, aim for 30 reps each side on every exercise.
Every one repeat the entire sequence 3 times (3 sets), don't for get to warm up and cool down.
I put in a demo of a short warm up, each exercise and a cool down/stretch so you understand how to set up and perform each exercise.  Once you feel like you've got a handle on them print off the work out and get firmed up!

Also for those who really want to push it you can add cardio intervals in-between each exercise.

Print this so you can remember the routine.
 Hope you enjoy this!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo Ready Smile

Hope everyone had a great 4th!
Mine was kinda crazy.  I was just getting over pertussis (whooping cough) when I had a two day notice for a photo shoot.
To go from PJs and sheet wrinkles on my face to "I feel great and glamorous" Yikes!
But did it I did. I was so amazed at how everything turned out.  Specifically my teeth.  My teeth were white!  This was new for me, usually for print work my teeth need Photoshopped.  But they passed.  I was really excited.
How did they pass?
OnGaurd Toothpaste by doTerra.
 I don't like whitening treatments and products because I feel they don't work and not worth the extra expense.  Then the really expensive ones ($199-$399) at the Dentists or prescribed at-home bleach tray kits ($250-$350) can only be done every so often because they can be damaging to tooth enamel and cause sensitivity.  All of this (especially the price) I did not want.

No Photoshopping on either-this is real!
But about two months ago I was given a tube of this "All Natural Whitening" toothpaste.  After my first brush I loved the stuff.  I didn't think it would work for whitening but I just loved how clean my teeth got.  It feels like you've just left the Dentist for a cleaning.  All polished and antiseptic clean. It really feels like you've mouth washed, but with out Any pain or stinging.
You guys got to try this.  And now seeing the results from it, I love it so much more.  We work hard to be healthy and have a great body, we need a great smile to show it off with.
It is a bit more expensive than traditional toothpaste, but is incredible worth it for the extra benefits. If your interested here is where it can be purchased:

Also here is a review on resistance bands.  Our next few posts will be workouts for you to do all done with bands.  So get educated and then come workout with me.
(sorry the audio wasn't the best)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Backyard Water Park

I love summer! There is so much outdoor fun that makes living an active lifestyle so easy.  But when the heat comes what to do?  Run inside and wait for fall? No way!
Water is the answer.  Pools and water parks are the best way to stay active and beat the heat, but sometime the bill for those can add up.  SOOOOO make your own water park in the back yard.

For about $15 I've got the supplies to do water fun for years.  All you need is some foam noodles with hallow centers (these sale for $1 a piece), some duct tape long plastic stakes or chop sticks or long screws, hose and sprinkler.

Place a stake in the ground and put the noodle hole on it.  Then  put in another stake and arch the noodle over and connect it.  Don't put them too far apart or there won't be enough room to crawl through.
Voila!  That's one. Repeat with as many noodles as you'd like.  And place them in whatever pattern you think would be fun.
I liked using 4 and making a continuous tunnel.
Now position your sprinkler so it gets the tunnel wet.

Then with any remaining noodles place a plastic stake or a toilet paper roll cut down the center into the hole and connect to the other end creating a "ring."   Then secure with duct tape.

These add to the fun. You can throw them around. Who can throw it the farthest? Or play ring-toss on the sprinkler.  Ring-toss on the kid- that's fun too.
Also you can put re-barb or a stick in the ground and put only  one end of the noodle in so it sticks up in the air and do ring-toss on that too.
You can joust with the noodles.

Now that you've created your own water park fun don't sit on the sidelines!  Play with your kids, burn calories, laugh, share an experience with them.
Chasing is always fun.  We did obstacle races too.  Run to the tunnel, crawl through a designated color, jump over the sprinkler and run back.
The possibilities and fun are endless.  ENJOY!

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