Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The secret of the Track

The three top excuses I hear for not exercising are: Time, Money and Kids.  So today I'm going to take all these excuses out of the equation for you.
This past Monday I needed to finish up some challenges for the competition I was in.  The result was a fun day for me and my kids, and a new Monday tradition.
We went to our local high school to do some timed runs.  My intentions were to run one mile and go home.  We stayed for two hours exercising and having fun.
Working out at the track and field is great for mommies. Its free fist off, kid friendly and you can workout at your own pace and level and on your own time.

So here is what we did:
I started out with my timed run, I did two miles.  I used a stroller to put my kids in while I  ran, that way I could run with out distractions.  After that it's the kids turn to run.  I pulled the kiddos out and off they went.  This was the perfect pace for my cool-down.
Next it was time for fun and calisthenics.  The field had a giant tire there that was perfect for mischievous play for my boys.  While they played inside, and on top.  I did one legged squats on the tire (can be done in the bleachers too), and then push-ups.
It was getting hot so time for a break.  We went up into the bleachers, found some shade and ate our Cliff Kids Bars and drank water.  We were now fueled, rested and ready for more.
Up next was timed sit-ups and crunches.  See how many you can do in one minute.  I thought these would be easy.  But they proved to be more challenging than expected.  My goal was to smash the Marine Corp Physical Fitness Test quota.  Which was minimum of 50 in one minute.  I got to 45 my fist go, so I had to keep trying until I could beat it.

We topped it off with some elevated latter runs: forwards, backwards and sideways.  This was fun to play "chase" in.  I had to run through and get my kids and put them into the discus cage.  Tell them not to escape and when they do repeat the whole thing: run through the latter pick them up and put them in the cage (or you can use any area on field, a number, line, soccer net)
We had lots of fun and blasted tons of fat because I was getting my heart rate way way up and then bringing it down to take care of my kids or other such things.  Next time I will bring lots of water!
Other Moms picked up on the secrets of the track too.  While we were there three other families came.  Two of them came together, put a big blanket out on the filed with toys and did laps on the track, ran stairs on the bleachers, did strength training exercises etc.  And they were all different shapes and sizes.  Do what you can as hard as you can.  If all you can do is walk do it!  It's a lot more and a lot faster than what the couch potatoes are doing (nothing).
Tell your kids your going to the race track to practice going really fast like Lighting McQueen.
(that's what my 4-year-old told me)
Get into a fun mood and enjoy a day exercising with your kids.


  1. This is brilliant! I absolutely love it!

  2. I've got to try that.