Monday, June 11, 2012

The Athlete of Life

   This competition has got me a little sentimental and so determined in my mind to be better and stronger than I've been before.  But at times it's hard, really hard.  So if any on you need a pick-me-up, a soap box spill to be healthier, happier stronger, here it is...
   No matter what people tell you, remember you are in charge not them, not your excuses.  I heard the greatest quote...
We are capable of so much but often we sell our selves short be cause of opposition wither it be from life or from others...
We are strong and will be stronger still, for ourselves and those around us.  Because adversity does not come on the count of 3 or the sound of a buzzer.  Life requires you to be strong at all times.  So we choose to motivate ourselves to be better, healthier, fit.  So when adversity does strike we can meet it with equal and even grater force.

And because we can lead from behind. Energy is required to be in front.  We will show the way, be a light for our families, friends, our community.

We will carry those in need. We will go the extra mile...for others.
We are women. We are the athletes of life.

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