Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snack Your Way Thin

Did you know that snacks are important to a healthy and efficient body? Eating 5-6 times a day balances blood sugar, preserves lean muscle, and boost metabolism.  
I can always tell when I haven't eaten my snacks because by lunch time my head feels a bit light, and I'm really snappy because I feel like if I don't eat in the next second I'll feint. 
Snacking WHEN DONE RIGHT, is so beneficial.  Here are some of my favorite non-perishable snacks I always keep in my purse so if I'm on the go a snack time I'm OK and still eating right.  And these snacks are great for you or your kids...

Beef jerky, high in protein low in fat and calories.  I love, love jerky! I eat it all the time.
These are great, they are a baked energy/snack bar.  They are marketed towards kids but are perfect for adults too.  They are a smaller portion than traditional snack and energy bars at 120 calories, making it just the right size for snacks.  Also they are not as "chewy" as other bars are. All ingredients are natural and they past the taste test by my two boys (and me too).  When buying these in bulk they are also economical.
 When I'm really watching my weight, what I eat etc. I do protein shakes.  The body needs a lot of protein especially when you want to preserve your lean muscle.  I usually just throw a scoop in my shaker bottle and be on my way.  But I saw these on sale for $1 a piece (had to buy in bulk though) and thought they would be great for when I'm in a rush.  It's not really made of milk so it doesn't have to be refrigerated until it's opened.  The taste is average, nothing special.  But for the price I think way worth it.
This is another snack bar, this one marketed toward women because its fortified with calcium, folic acid, vitamin D and iron.  This one is a larger serving than the kids cliff bar but doesn't raise the calories too extensively, 180 calories.  It also has a lot more protein 8g.  These do have more of a chalky taste though, not bad, just a hint of it.  My favorite flavor is chocolate peppermint.

 SunMaid raisins, I'm picky about my raisins. These are naturally sweet, perfect for a pick-me-up.  I will put these in a small container or usually I get the small serving size boxes.

And for when I'm at home these are some of my favorites.

Natural apple sauce, which really tastes good. Fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese peanut butter and celery, raisins, beef jerky, protein shakes, fun salads.  
The idea behind snacks is to fuel your body with things it needs so ideally your eating healthy things that you miss at meals or don't get enough of like maybe protein and veggies.
Also don 't for get that with snacking you need to really watch your portion control at meals.  Eat smaller portions to balance out the extra calories you've eaten in your snacks. 
 This is good for the metabolism, weight loss and management.  It teaches your metabolism to always be working and running, as opposed to stressing like after a large meal.  This gives you a constant supply of energy which means you feel better and are burning calories more efficiently.
That's how you can loose weight and eat more and all the time.  As opposed to huge calorie reductions which will shut the metabolism down and put your body in starvation mode.  Which is when the body does not get enough nutrients so it holds on to anything it already has i.e. your fat.  Because that is what will keep you alive the longest.
So in short snack are good and OK just choose wisely what you eat and how much so your helping your body not hindering it.

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