Monday, June 4, 2012

Kind of Crazy

So I've decided to do something kind of crazy!
I have joined a national fitness completion.  It's the Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge.

There are 19 challenges to complete, some easy some more difficult, like take the Marine Corp Physical Fitness test and crush any part of it. We're also supposed to declare a goal to have achieved by the end of the competition.  Mine is to define my muscles, loose body fat and show the world what women are made of.
So fun and crazy, BUT the only down side  is most people have been working at this for a few months and I've joined late so I only have a few weeks before the first elimination!!!!
Yikes, that means I've got to work extra hard extra fast. I usually teach lifestyle fitness. Which means no crash diets unrealistic workout sessions multiple times a day ect.   Because these things don't last long, it's not healthy to be on a low carb diet for a long time.  And who has time for multiple workout sessions?  Most people start these things get frustrated and quit. That is why lifestyle changes are so important.  They are steps taken to change your life, with real and permanent solutions.   The outcome is a happy healthy and balance person, for life.
But I'm going to go agents all that because I'm so short on time. So the next few posts will be about the competition.  First I'll share with you my part one of my quick-loss game plan:

Give it a try if you're already into fitness but if you're a beginner I wouldn't recommend this. 
Step 1- rev up my workouts.  Make them stronger, harder, more meaningful.
Step 2- add a second workout most days of the week if not all of them.  What I've been doing is jump rope sessions- which is great for the abs, weights, and running.
Step 3- Practice push-ups every day!!! I've got to nail some serious push-ups.
Step 4- Eat 6 times a day.  I do snack but these need to be more structured and meaningful adding in lots of protein so my body eats that instead of muscle with all my exercise.  And no Junk! I cheated last night!!! AHHH, I've got to cut the crud.
So that is where I'm at for this week.  If anyone wants to join the competition let me know and I'll send you details.
If any of you can shoot me a comment on encouragement and motivation I would totally love it!


  1. You go girl!! Good luck....

  2. Keep it up Jamie! You are amazing!

  3. You got this! If anyone one can pull it off it's you! "The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in war." ~Movie Quote.

  4. How far are you now!?!