Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gym Hair- Braided Twists

With being fitness instructor I have the challenge of trying to look cute while working out and teaching others. So I though I'd share with you some hairstyles that are not only functional but make you feel cute too.
Here in KY this last weekend it was 90 degrees outside!!! By 8:00 am it was 80 with humidity-yuck, especially for working out!  But thanks to this hairstyle all of my long hair was off my neck.
  There are two different variations for this sassy hairstyle. Here is how it's done: 

First Part you hair on the side and just before the crown of you head.

Then braid one side of your hair next to the side part.
Option two as seen in my pink photos just give yourself some volume up top instead of the briad.

Next make pigtails and secure with small rubber hair elastics. Now braid each side.

 Wrap each braid upon itself. Once you start wrapping the ends in secure with bobby pins.  After secure wrap another elastic around each side for security.  Hair no matter how cute is not worth it if it won't stay put and out of the way during exercise.  Shake your head gently to make sure you've secured it.  You always can add bigger hair ties or more pins.

 Viola! Super cute hair for camping, spinning, yoga, boxing, weight lifting, running you name it. (just don't use it for any exercising that you will need to put your head on the ground.  The braids prevent that)  
This hair also dresses up jeans and a T so well.  Later that night I put on s super cute outfit and went out with my man with this hair, so versicle, functional and quick!
So use this, go to the gym and feel SASSY!

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  1. That is cute! I definitely could have used a tip like that when my hair was long.