Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mother's Day Dish

Happy belated Mother's Day everyone!
I hope you were treated well!
Let me tell you a little of my Mother's Day adventure.
We are fortunate enough to live close to family.  My Mother-in-law lives about 15 minutes from us. So naturally we went over to her for dinner.  Cooking for others can be a challenge because we all have different tastes.  I like to cook healthy.  Lots of people don't like "healthy foods."  Which I can understand, because some foods take getting used to: skim milk, brown rice, and most 100% whole grain products.
But MANY foods can be healthy when done right, and no one has to know it's a "healthy food."  Or if they love it, go ahead and share how good it is for you so they can change their mind set and open up to healthy things.
So with that I introduce to you what I cooked for Mother's Day and that it was ALL GOOD!  Both taste and health wise.  I got a thumbs up across the board, even my 4-year-old.
Mesquite Crock-Pot  Ribs Dinner:
Our dinner was succulent tender ribs, with white corn basmati rice, and cinnamon baked apples.
Because of these sugar free but very sweet side dish apples there was no need or desire for desert.  The recipe I made for the ribs does not use any oil only juice and seasoning- so easy!  Then the rice, easy as well, light and fresh with the corn and a hint of real butter which has healthy fats in it.  This meal is so great because the protein and healthy fat get you full quickly.  The side of carbs gives you energy now, and the slow digested protein gives you energy later, then topped of with a sweet side you are completely satisfied and healthy!
Plus it was quick and easy prep.  If you want to give it a try here are the recipes.  I just have one condition. Give credit where credit it due.  If you make it and someone loves it, tell them where you got the recipe.  I do hope you try it though, and see how easy it can be to live healthy and enjoy healthy food.

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  1. That looks delicious! I'm going to have to try it out!