Monday, April 22, 2013

Green Giant's Got Chips

 We all know Green Giant.  Growing up with the laughing Giant commercials.  They've been good for veggies for ever!  Now their trying other foods.  Hummmm.....

Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips Zesty Cheddar and Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips with sea salt are their latest additions to the Green Giant Family.
Both of these I was given to run a taste test on.
How did they rate?
The Zesty Cheddar tastes just like Doritos.  This was my favorite of the two.

I also gave these to my hubby because they don't taste like they'd be healthy.  He thought they were alright.  But what surprised me is that he raved about the Sweet Potato chips.  The kids and I ate up the Sweet Potato ones because I never thought for one second he'd like them. (not being into health and all)
He found a mini bag and started chopping on them and asked if there were any more.-Shock and awe.

So 5 stars on taste from the whole fam!
Next time we'll dive into the ingredients.  You may be in for a happy surprise.

p.s. I am a bzz agent and  was given these products free to taste test.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

$1.50 to know it all

I Love to know things!  Knowledge is truly power, especially when it comes to your health.  My health and nutrition books I read and reread all the time.

I always share with you my passions and go to things and this is one of them.  Every year Village Green Network puts all their e-books on sale for one week only.

And 2013 bundle time is here: April 17th-23rd, just this week you can buy 30 books in a bundle at a $1.50 each!

There are so many juicy titles that get me excited.

With 30 books you don't have to worry if you don't like or use one, because you have 29 others that you are bound to love.
Click here to purchase or to view the Amazing titles.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coconut Water Friend or Foe?

A few moths ago a fried of mine asked me if I drink coconut water.  I was shocked and confused by her question.  I admitted that I did not.  She told me it was very healthy and all stores now sell it in the health food section.
Recently I was reading on a health blog and again they were talking of coconut water.  They said coconut water is full of "potassium and electrolytes."  That right there flew up a red flag for me.  Potassium is an electrolyte!  This blog obviously was not as high up on the nutrition know how as I thought.

This reaffirmed my previous thinking that coconut water may indeed be a health fad.  But before I was to take stance on the matter I asked myself: What do I know about coconut water?

I lived in the country, right on the shore of Oahu for 4 years.  The locals, to tease tourist, would break open a coconut and let them drink the water.  Many times the tourists would spit it right out.  Its a different taste in its fresh and pure form.  After the laughs were over they would then tell of its "natural powers," i.e. laxative, horrifying them that their evening would not consist of dancing on the beach but sitting on the porcelain thrown.

But indeed that is more what I've been told and seen, than what I know.  Many people confuse the two and that's how fads get started or how people can say potassium and electrolytes.

What do we know:
  • The coconut water is indeed packed with electrolytes so its great to replenish depleted stores. But lacks appropriate amounts protein and carbohydrates needed for recovery after vigorous exercise (meaning an hour or more).
  • It's fairly high in natural sugars which is hard for many people to digest. 
  • Natural diuretic (so sensitive to sugars or not you will be "releasing" more.)
  • We know that packaged coconut water has added sodium in it.-watch out.
  • We know that Nothing is as good for you packaged and processed over fresh. -lots of nutrients are destroyed and lots of bad added in to preserve.
  • Some comes in Flavors which adds processed sugar.- not good.
So those are the facts.  My thinking is moderation in all things.  I'm not going to hype over it, nor am I going to never use it.  I'll stick to only fresh, and in small amounts as needed.  Such times when your low in electolytes like pregnacy and summer workout sessions.

What are your thoughts, and experiences with coconut water?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 reasons why you should lift weights

What a crazy week.  Crazy good though.  I've got so much work to do.  We've got in most of our new studio equipment and some great stuff coming up.
What should you do in the mean time?  Weights!
Why, you ask?
  1. It makes you stronger
  2. Gives your body shape (the right kind;)
  3. Creates more muscle and thus a higher resting metabolism
  4. Reduces injury
  5. Fights osteoporosis (yea for healthy bones)
  6. Releases endorphins (extra yea for happy people)
  7. Keeps your body and skin tight after weight loss 
  8. Empowering, you gain lots of confidence
  9. Helps you sleep better (who doesn't want that?)
  10. It's the difference between loosing pounds vs. inches!
Get you some weights, nothing lower than 2.5 lbs., it's just not worth the investment.  And get lifting, toning, and shaping.