Monday, July 2, 2012

Backyard Water Park

I love summer! There is so much outdoor fun that makes living an active lifestyle so easy.  But when the heat comes what to do?  Run inside and wait for fall? No way!
Water is the answer.  Pools and water parks are the best way to stay active and beat the heat, but sometime the bill for those can add up.  SOOOOO make your own water park in the back yard.

For about $15 I've got the supplies to do water fun for years.  All you need is some foam noodles with hallow centers (these sale for $1 a piece), some duct tape long plastic stakes or chop sticks or long screws, hose and sprinkler.

Place a stake in the ground and put the noodle hole on it.  Then  put in another stake and arch the noodle over and connect it.  Don't put them too far apart or there won't be enough room to crawl through.
Voila!  That's one. Repeat with as many noodles as you'd like.  And place them in whatever pattern you think would be fun.
I liked using 4 and making a continuous tunnel.
Now position your sprinkler so it gets the tunnel wet.

Then with any remaining noodles place a plastic stake or a toilet paper roll cut down the center into the hole and connect to the other end creating a "ring."   Then secure with duct tape.

These add to the fun. You can throw them around. Who can throw it the farthest? Or play ring-toss on the sprinkler.  Ring-toss on the kid- that's fun too.
Also you can put re-barb or a stick in the ground and put only  one end of the noodle in so it sticks up in the air and do ring-toss on that too.
You can joust with the noodles.

Now that you've created your own water park fun don't sit on the sidelines!  Play with your kids, burn calories, laugh, share an experience with them.
Chasing is always fun.  We did obstacle races too.  Run to the tunnel, crawl through a designated color, jump over the sprinkler and run back.
The possibilities and fun are endless.  ENJOY!

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  1. I'm always looking for more healthy recipes and different workouts-especially post-partum that can help me get back in shape! :)

    1. Thanks for the comments! I'll be posting for you!!

  2. What's the best way to eat healthy? How do i shape up with out wasting my time?

    1. Good questions! The best way is really just portion control and making sure you eat whole foods. I'll go into more depth in a post for ya.

  3. Love the idea!