Thursday, July 19, 2012

Low Carb Breakfast Burritos

There seems to be two prevailing diets out there in the health world right now, one being Low Carb and the other vegetarian.   I disagree with long term use of with both of these diets but eating with these ideals from time to time or a couple nights a week have large benefits.
So today I have for you Low Carb Breakfast Burritos.  This recipe makes about 7 burritos.  We ate them for dinner and then I froze the rest.  I like to have a stock of healthy food on hand so when I'm super hungry or running behind schedule I can still eat right. (and yes they still tasted good after a week in the arctic;)
Brown 16oz. of ground chuck with 1.5 TB of Basil, 1.5 TB of Crushed Red Peppers. You can use whatever ground meat you'd like, chuck is one of the more healthier options so that is what I used. 
So these spices are going to flavor our meat like sausage.  I like spicy food so I also added some sprinkles of Mrs. Dash Extra spicy.  Don't be afraid of this, it wasn't too spicy.   It was still mild enough for my kids to have.  But if your nervous about the spice you can omit that.
Next scramble an egg for each burrito you plan on.  Dice some tomatoes and cilantro. Cilantro is one of the miracles of this recipe I would highly recommend not skipping it!
Now time to fill. Get your tortillas, you can use wheat or regular.  Fill with a large 1/4 cup of meat, then 1/7th of the eggs. Pile on top the tomatoes and cilantro.  And finish off with 2 TB of Mexican cheese blend. 
Now roll 'em top with salsa and eat 'em.  Or If you really want these to "pop" after you roll them grill them on med-high heat in your frying pan until golden brown on each side.  This really makes them taste amazing.
I never told my taste testing crew that it was not sausage in the burritos, and they never questioned!  Reduced so much sodium, and artery clogging gunk by doing that.  Enjoy!

P.S. Some exciting news  "Advendtures of FitMom" is getting a makeover!  We are going to be making some changes around here.  Were going to do what I tell my clients, do it better, and harder.  So were going to try to do just that.  Were planning some great stuff I hope you enjoy.  So don't be alarmed when things start to look different around here.  Our last day to have the changes done is by August so stay tuned!