Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Resistance Bands-Lower Body

OK, here it is your lower body resistance bands workout!  It's simple but can easily be altered for all fitness levels.
Beginners: Use a light resistance band, aim for 10 reps each side on every exercise.
Intermediate: Use medium to heavy bands, aim for 15 reps each side on every exercise.
Advanced: Use heavy bands, aim for 30 reps each side on every exercise.
Every one repeat the entire sequence 3 times (3 sets), don't for get to warm up and cool down.
I put in a demo of a short warm up, each exercise and a cool down/stretch so you understand how to set up and perform each exercise.  Once you feel like you've got a handle on them print off the work out and get firmed up!

Also for those who really want to push it you can add cardio intervals in-between each exercise.

Print this so you can remember the routine.
 Hope you enjoy this!


  1. Thanks so much for doing this. It made my legs burn!!!

  2. I'm glad you tried it and liked it.

  3. This way great thanks!

    1. No problem. We'll do upper-body next.