Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Best EVER!!!

Get used to Catcalls!  Operation CatWoman is still on and I put together this oh so simple yet incredibly effective routine. This is by far the best booty shaping routine ever!  I was amazed at how long my muscles kept tight and firm after this routine.  So give it a try.  Make sure to STRETCH after or you'll be sore for 3 days!  It's that good.  When preformed correctly it also will hit the abs nicely too.
Beginners do 7-10 reps of each exercise or for more advanced, do as many as you can for 1 minute.  Repeat the entire sequence 10 times or for 30 minutes.
No equipment needed, all you need is what you can find at a park or in your back yard.

One-legged assisted squats: As you stand up squeeze your booty and your abs in tight. Also make sure to stand all the way up. 10 reps/ 1 min all on the same leg.

Side lunge jumps: Start in a side lunge position, hand touching ground, jump and switch lunge leg.-that's one rep. 10 reps/1 min

Wall jumps-  You can do this on a stair, gym box, or bench.10 reps/ one minute.  Intermediate to advanced, make this a high jump, about the top of your knees.
If you are pregnant don't do this!  This is a high impact exercise with risk of falling.  You can modify by just stepping up rather than jumping but keep the height lower.  Or just do squats on the ground.

That's one set, do 10 total- but alternate which leg you do on the assisted squats.
You can print this  to help you remember the routine.

 Work it!

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  1. I like that you have workouts that don't require equipment! Especially since I have none! =)