Monday, August 13, 2012

Record It

I did recover from Friday's fiasco.  By Saturday I was great and enjoying some homemade energy gel and other fun stuff before the shoot.  Which went well by the way.  It was not two hours of grueling workouts like I was told.  It was easy, show me some moves type of thing.  Only 30 minutes!
Afterwards I really gained confidence that I can do things.  I hope you all get a confidence booster experience, its really empowering.  Maybe our CatWoman project will do that for you.
Speaking of which.  To track results we need to record our stats.  I do this with most of my Personal Training clients.  Nobody likes it but it's necessary. Get a measuring tape and do the biceps, thighs, around the belly button, and the fullest part of your booty. Then take your "before" picture.

Your stats are important to see how you are progressing.  Some people loose inches more than they lose pounds. (we'll talk why later)  They replace their fat with some muscle.  But because they didn't "loose" they get frustrated and give up before they see major results.  So If your not sure what's going on re-measure your self.
Also, we see ourselves everyday we don't really notice the subtle changes, as opposed to someone who only sees us once a week or a month they will notice more.  That's were the picture comes in so you can see the transformation.
I did this with my mother-in-law put up two pictures side by side and she was shocked how she had changed, she didn't realize what had taken place.  So get it done! 

 Last few days of summer upon us.  That means it was our last track workout :(
Here's what we did:
Warm up-walk 1 lap
Run: 1 mile
Ladders: end-zone and back progressing by 10 yards to 40 yard line. x3
x10 Bleachers
x10 Bleachers with modified pushups (20) and Triceps dips (12) at the bottom
x10 Bleachers
Just for fun we threw in some tire pushes

Breakfast- 2 homemade protein bars
Snack- protein shake
Lunch- Chicken and Veggie Alfredo on whole wheat linguine
Snack- 1/2 tuna sandwich
Dinner- Southwest chicken salad

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