Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Medicines you shouldn't give your child

I get e-mails from the babycenter and other informative parenting sites occasionally.  I usually just skim through them at best, until today.  I found a curious article entitled "8 Medicines you shouldn't give your preschooler."  The list is what almost all of us have in our cabinets: Over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, syrup of ipecac, and infant medications.  Here are some important parts of their article I though you'd be interested in:

"Over-the-counter cough and cold medicines

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against giving OTC cough and cold medicines to preschool-age children. Studies show that they don't actually help soothe symptoms in kids this age. And they can be harmful, especially when a child mistakenly gets more than the recommended dose.
In addition to side effects like drowsiness or sleeplessness, upset stomach, and a rash or hives, a child can suffer serious effects such as rapid heart rate, convulsions, and even death. Every year, thousands of children end up in emergency rooms across the nation after swallowing too much cough and cold medicine.
Over the past few years, though, emergency visits involving infants and toddlers who take too much of these medications have dropped in half. Health experts attribute the drop to the fact that manufacturers no longer market cough and cold medicines to young children.
If your preschooler is miserable with a cold, you may want to try a humidifier or other home remedies.

Infant and adult medications

Giving your preschooler a smaller dose of medicine meant for an adult is as dangerous as giving a higher dose of medicine meant for an infant. Many parents don't realize that infant drops are more concentrated than liquid medicine intended for older children. If the label doesn't indicate an appropriate dose for the weight and age of your child, don't give that medication to your preschooler."

Interesting. Luckily for my family we stopped using over-the-counter anything because we discovered natural medicines.  I had pneumonia recently and used this method to get better.  What is this amazing substance you ask? - doTerra's essential oils.
You can put the oils in a diffuser (a high-tech humidifier) and it puts the oils into the air so you breath in your medicine.  It's great to put in your sick child's room at night or nap time.  The ones I have, have an optional light in it.  Which my kids love having the "medicine color changing nightlight," in their room.  Or if the light bothers you, it can be turned off.
The ultrasonic technology creates an ultra fine mist. Our mister is BPA free and offers a convenient on/off and led light switch on the front of the unit. The unit is easy to use and simple to clean. Just add a few drops of oil into cold tap water, and turn any room into a healing, relaxing oasis within seconds. Enjoy the beautiful and tranquil led light display of 6 fading colors to further enhance your relaxation experience.

 For a cold you need: thyme and lemon
diaper rash: Lavender
earache: melaleuca
fever: Lavender and Peppermint
Which can be purchased here
You can add some drops of the oil to the diffuser or you can apply them topically to your child.  If done topically dilute 1-2 drops with 1 tsp carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil.  It can be on neck, chest, bottoms of feet, just about anywhere.
What's great about these is the price. One application is about $0.50- $0.75.  You can apply pretty much on demand-which is a child's schedule anyways, right?  Effects start taking place with in minutes too.  Essential oils are a gold mine for anyone but especially for kids.  And what's great about doTerra specifically is that they are "certified pure," which means there's no harmful pesticides, fillers or weeds mixed in like most companies.
Also they have what's called a family physician kit.  It comes with the most needed oils for keeping a family healthy, CD featuring dōTERRA®'s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David K. Hill to guide you on how to care your family's everyday health needs with simple and safe methods.
Also EfficientBody is discontinueing there diffusers.  There is talk of a new line and so the old ones must go!  They normally retail for $50 but will be going for $40 , also just for my readers you can get free shipping.  No rain checks though, once there gone, they are gone.
If anyone has more questions about this stuff e-mail me:

Hope this had been enlightening for you.

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