Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eating Out

So I'm just about back on.  I was a good girl yesterday and so far today even though we went out to eat!  My cousin is visiting me from NY/Organ so I had to give him the Cincinnati tour which wouldn't be complete without Cincinnati Chilli.
But what's a girl to eat when everyone gets the good stuff?
Control. Fill in the blank: I what I want more than a chilli burrito is to look great in my photo shoot and Halloween costume. 
So when ordering food ask for no sauce or sauce on the side. Go for grilled options.  Have a side salad and eat that all gone before eating anything else.  That way you fill up on the good stuff first.  And go easy on the dressing.  Many people think their eating healthy when lurking in their dressing is fat and major calories.  So dip your fork into the dressing or sauce and then poke your food.  You get the flavor with out overdoing it, win-win.
I ordered a sandwich on wheat bread with no mayo.  And because of my Saturday shoot I ditched the bread and let my two-year-old have at it.  But under normal circumstances I would have eaten it.  I drank water.  Again this is a area where you can either cut or LOAD calories.  Shakes, sodas, even lemonades- Bad, extra bad, and still bad.
Focus on the company and conversation rather than thinking "what your missing out on."  But really were not missing anything.  We don't miss being unhealthy, overweight and self conscious, right?  We only gain here: health, fitness, self control and confidence.  And that my friends is what we really miss.

Today's menu:
Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with Pico de Gallio and a grapefruit
Snack- chocolate protein shake
Lunch- double decker sandwich (they didn't have any veggie sides but I would add one here)
Snack- small orange and tuna or protein shake
Dinner- barbeque chick sandwiches with watermelon and asparagus

Yesterday we banged out our lower body, and just touched on upper so we reverse that today.
So do your upper body resistance bands workout
But after every two exercises add 1:00 min of jump roping.  Doing so will triple your calorie burn, something we all want right? This should put you in your fat burning zone.

Let's do this and loose some this week!

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