Monday, November 5, 2012

Check in

Today we are going to check in with Rachel and Nicole, my team four our up coming home fitness program.  If you remember, they are not fitness gurus, they are everyday people who want to increase their health and fitness.
Can I tell you that they are doing fabulous?   These girls started the workouts at a basic and beginner level, and now they are preforming advanced moves and are using heavier weights.  How far they have come in only about 3 weeks!  Each week I push them a little father, a little harder.

When I asked them if they felt like they had the routine down and a good handle on it. Nicole said: "I always think I do until the next week, when you make it harder."
 So perfect!  That's what we want.  To always push, keep stretching ourselves, never settling.  As they keep doing that and as you do as well, results will be seen.
Nicole has twin girls and can carry them both at the same time, something she could not do 3 weeks ago.

Rachel started out using 2.5 lbs weights and is now up to 7.5!   Her back pain has lessened, and she is getting quite explosive in her movements.

I hope my Operation Cat Woman photos and stories, as well as Nicole's and Rachel's inspire you to make fitness a priority and know that results are possible with out doing crazy crash diets, starving yourself etc.   All you need is to cut out the crud you eat, focus on whole grains and veggies and pair that with an efficient fitness program that will push you, work you, and not waist your time.

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