Thursday, November 1, 2012

Operation CatWoman-epilouge

Hey guys here it is my Halloween pics.  Three months of body work, and trying hard (but not always succeeding) to stay away from the junk.

What do you think, successful?  I'm not perfect yet, but I am pleased with the direction I'm going.  Here are some pics of the whole family.
Do you love Batman?  Can I brag and tell you that I made that costume.

And here is my Resses pumpkin and Diego.
We had a blast on Halloween!!! And It was so fun to wear my costume that I had worked hard to wear.  I was in heaven with rewards: my costume - I fit and I got lots of chocolate.

So I thought It would be great to review some of the things I did to get here:
Worked the abs, shaped the glutes, ate more veggies, measured my water intake, took a well made vitamin daily, watched it while eating out, cooked with good fats and limited bad, made sure I sweat everyday, mixed up my routine, ate whole grains -Always, made sure I was always movinghad some fun with it, and kept my goal in sight.

If you've been following me this whole time these things are not new to you but can be good reminders to keep on the healthy path.
And remember don't throw away your jack-o-lanterns!!! I'm putting a video together today (hopefully it will be up tomorrow) on how to turn it into a pumpkin pie, cookies, cake etc.

Thanks for working with me on your goals.  If any of you have pictures I'd love to see them.  Tweet them to me.

p.s. I'd love for you to follow me on twitter too.  @efficentbjamie


  1. Love it! What a great family costume idea! I was Cat Woman too this year... but going way back when to the Batman Returns version. Happy Halloween!

    1. Hey I checked out your blog. Great Cat Woman! I love that you made your outfit, much more fun that way. And usually looks better too.

  2. Jamie... LOOKING GOOD!

    What fun pics. I can tell that you guys had an absolute blast. I love all of the costumes. And how cool that you made it a family thing.

    Just wanted to see what you were up to. And my goodness, weren't you rockin' the heck out of that Catwoman costume? Hell yeah.

    Batman must have been SO PROUD!

    1. Thanks, we did have a blast! We stayed true to Dark Knight Rises, so in the end Batman got the girl;) Thanks for stopping by.