Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to have your pie and eat it too

Thanksgiving is upon us, yea!  BUT we've been working so hard to get our bodies in shape, be better about our eating and reap the benefits of health.  So what are we to do when the averaged turkey dinner is over 1,000 calories?  That is a normal turkey dinner not a Thanksgiving dinner.  T-day dinner has well let's just leave it at "more."

We all want health but who wants to nibble on salad on the day of feasting? I'm with you, not me.  With 3 easy steps we can enjoy the meal with less guilt. 

Here is the plan:
1. Exercise.  As soon as you get up.  This will get the metabolism going.  Ideally your doing some High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT.  HIIT, is the most efficient way of exercising and will burn tons of calories well after you've completed the routine.

2. Eat.  After exercise keep that metabolism going with food.  Eat a small meal that includes a complete source of protein. Eggs are ideal.  My choice would be one egg cooked with whole wheat toast and a slice of cheese.

3. Snack.  Every two hours eat a small snack.  Or snitch on what your preparing.  Eat apples with skins on, some turkey, veggies, wheat roll.  Try and keep it healthy but keep the snacks coming.  This again aims at the metabolism to stay fired up. Keep snacking, rather than eating meals (every two-three hours) until the feast is to begin.

At feast time get a modest plate full and enjoy.  Talk, laugh, relax.  Then go for more! You have trained your body to handle food every couple of hours.  So feel free to eat seconds and thirds in those intervals.  Just be mindful of what your eating.  Pick a well balanced plateful, so it doesn't back fire on you.

Then to pies.  If your health conscious choose one with less sugar and junk like Pumpkin rather than Lemon Meringue. Stick to one slice though.  If there are leftovers you can have another slice the next day.  More than one is a quick way to pack on the pounds.

But that's it.  Easy 3 steps: Exercise, Eat, Snack.  Hope you enjoy the day!

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