Friday, November 9, 2012

Stress Less

"It the most wonderful time of the year"...When everyone's stressing and trying to be of good cheer.
The holidays can be amazing, and have potential for amazing amounts of stress.  Stress can do a number on your body!  One of the side effects is weight gain.  I only want to gain weight if I have the luxury of melting fudge in my mouth, and not just because I'm worried about what gift to give.

So here are some sure fire ways to reduce if not avoid stress altogether this season.
 1. Plan head
Think about everything WAY ahead of time.  Remember how in August I was all planed out for October? Zero stress.  I had plenty of time to sew costumes, get my body in shape and whistle while I did it.  Make out your holiday plan.  Where are you going? Are you cooking, bringing a dish?  What is it.

2. Early Action
Get all of your holiday shopping done by Black Friday.  That way you are done! No worries on if you can find something last minute.  Black Friday is really the last good sale day.  If you are doing the black day.  Again plan ahead, know what's out there, and exactly where in the store it is.  I pick out what I'm after then go into the store two days before and locate the item.  That way I'm in and out in minimal time.  Also If you can, bring a buddy.  One person waits in line at the cash register the other hurdles Grannys to get the goods.   Here are my go to websites for black shopping:,

If your cooking Thanksgiving dinner yourself, again early action.  I pre-make all desserts and freeze them.  I have done two pumpkin pies (one for x-mas) and a Key Lime.  My Lemon Meringue I will do tomorrow.  That way I have less to worry about and more time for relaxing and enjoying family.  Also you feel like Wonder Woman because you really did it all.

3. Hydrate and Sleep
When your stressed your body requires more H20.  Give that body what it need to stay up with all the holiday action.  Don't forget to sleep.  Staying up late can be fun on occasion but can really tax the body (and your personality).  Also you look better after some good REM. So show off you best side hydrate and sleep.

4. Pay Attention
Pay attention to yourself! Are you getting a sore throat?  A runny nose?  Nip it in the but at first signs.  Even small ones.  My recommendation is essential oils.  They circulate in  the body with in 3 minutes of use, with no side effects.  I take an empty gel capsule and put in 4 drops of each of the following doTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils: Frankincense, Oregano, OnGaurd.  2-3 times a day depending on how bad I am.  Works like a charm.

5. Exercise
More energy, more confidence, more endorphins.  Who wouldn't want to be around that person?  Do it!  You only need 30 minutes a day.  Make it hard and fast.

Give It a try, and have a Happy and Healthy Holidays!

p.s.  Are finances a source of stress for you? Here are some tips for those too:
1. Shop e-bay:  better prices, usually free shipping or at least you can send it to it's intended owner with out doing the work yourself.
2. Thrift shop:  so many great treasures there.
3. Garage sale:  plan ahead and watch those summer to fall garage sales and get great stuff cheap.  I've spoiled my kids this year using half of the budget.
4. Black Friday:  It can be fun, dress right, get out early, and plan on standing forever!  The thrill of the hunt is amazing.
5. Make something:  Homemade gifts can be a charm.  Especially with DIY sites and pinterest.  The world is yours.  And how fun it is to say "thanks, I made it."

Here is my Pinterest sight, I'd love for you to see more about me and my interests.  Feel free to follow my boards.

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