Thursday, November 15, 2012

Counting on you

Hey guys,
Something big might happen!  But I am in need of your help, it really can't be done with out you.  FedEx has accepted EfficientBody into their small business grant contest!!!  That means were up for big bucks.  I can't even tell you what this would mean. 
We could launch many new products were waiting of funding for. We could spread our knowledge, get reasonably priced fitness products out.  (Have you seen some of those prices? -ouch)  So long story short we need your vote in this contest.
If your a fan of my blog, EB, or just want to help us out and do something meaningful (so, so meaningful) then please go here and vote for us.  You can even vote everyday until the 24th.

Now on to other things.
How much candy and junk food have you eaten in the last 30 days?  A lot? A little?  I will confess I've not been so good.  After my workout with Nicole and Rachel we did a quick cleanse to help get the junk out of the body, rid it of toxins, bacteria, viruses etc.  A cleanse will also help get rid of sugar cravings too. 

There any MANY degrees of cleanses and many types. This is not something you need to do often depending on the degree you choose.  I would recommend every 3 months or so to focus on cleansing the body.

The easiest is with Essential Oils put 3 drops of: lemon, lime and if you like lemon liquid Stevia.  into 12 oz. of water and drink your tasty sprite-like drink.

I know many of you don't have Essential Oils so you can do this: 8oz. water, 1/8 tsp. Cyanne pepper, 1 Tb. pure maple syrup, and 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon.  This is extremely effective but in my opinion not very tasty.

So your third option is to do this with whole foods that aid in the enzyme production in your body.  Enzymes are the things responsible for braking down toxins and such.
Foods to focus on are: prunes, blueberries, bananas, flax seed, grapefruit, cucumbers and kale.  Also add a complete protein so your body doesn't take it form your muscles.

So all things in prudence.  There are some crazy cleanses out there, fruit only, veggie only, many offering weight loss.  I would stay away from any that ask you to do them for more than one day.  24 hours is completely sufficient.  Any more than that could have damaging effects on the body.  I don't even do them for a full day.  I prefer mild cleanses. I just sip one bottle full through out the day and still eat my meals as normal.

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