Monday, September 10, 2012

How hard are you working?

Let's bring the heat!  Time to step it up again.  We need to motivate ourselves and push a bit harder.  So what are you going to do this week to show me the fire?
Exercise more? Start Exercising?
One of the more important variables in exercise is quality, how hard you are working and pushing yourself.
How do you measure your quality? One way is sweat. This week I want you to pay attention to how much you sweat.  If were not sweating, then what have we?  Sweat is a good sign that your challenging yourself, making changes, improvements.  So I give you...

The Sweat-O-Meter:
1. Slightly Shimmering
2. A Light Glisten
3. Water Beadlets
4. Drip Drop April Showers
5. Water Fall

So now do a workout you've done before and rate your sweat.  That is your baseline, what you want to beat your next workout.  Either put more thought and effort into it or pick a more challenging routine.  Need ideas?  Did you try the "No Equipment- Lower Body Routine?"  I Did this in my backyard, and also at a park right next to my son while he played on the playground. It can kick booty!  More ideas coming soon.

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  1. I may have shared this quote before, but it fits so well! "Sweat is your fat crying." Gotta love it!