Friday, September 28, 2012

Get Real

Hey guys,
We're casted!!! I've got my team for my next fitness DVD.  Originally the plan was to hire out some fitness gurus/ models to preform the workout.  But I was thinking about all the other home fitness DVDs and how it wasn't "real."
The industry norm is: hire fitness models, who already look great, make them follow your exercises, go on a crash diet so they "lose" weight.
If you take a close look most of the time when you see these photos and see these amazing results down at the bottom of your TV screen in tiny letters is says "results not typical." 
Not typical?! Seriously.  Yes I tell you.  I'm not knocking fitness videos, I love them.  I grew up on them.  It's how I trained and stayed in shape until I got into it professionally.  Now I do my own stuff, unless I'm really lazy then I pop in a DVD and let some one else boss me around.  Which is really refreshing.  So they are good and wonderful but I didn't like how they were "staged." 
So I got to thinking.  Dangerous I know, my husband starts praying every time I do.  But, I thought how about training some every day people?  Teach them the routine until they feel comfortable with it.  Film it, and let you guys follow their journey as well.
So I got together some wonderful people who want to be in better shape.
Ready to meet them?
Here is Nicole.  She is older than 30 (she'd kill me if I told you her exact age) she previously hasn't exercised on a regular basis.  She has 3 girls, 6 months ago she had twins.  Nicole would love to get rid of her Mommy Belly.

Say Hi to Rachel.  Rachel is 30, and has two girls.  She goes on hour long walks every day and does the occasional Wii Yoga.  Rachel wants to tone up and slim down.

This week was our first week training.  We only did two 30 minute sessions.  The exact routine that will be on the DVD.  How's that for REAL?  I have no control over their diets.  I only can encourage healthy eating and habits.  So these results should be typical.

So that's my team for our next workout series.  (Yes it's a series, I can't tell you more than that until were filmed)  We will show you real people, in real busy lives, in real time.  What do you think?  Do you like my plan, let me know.

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