Monday, September 17, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

I love this time of year!  The cool crisp air, the holidays.  My favorite drink comes out in the fall.  Apple Cider, love love love this stuff.  The real stuff, that is.  We do want to stay away from the sugary powdered drink mix. -No good.  What we want to go for is the fresh jug.  Apple Cider is 100% squished apples, no filters, minimally processed and unpasteurized.  Good for you and the taste buds.
Another favorite of mine that I want to share with you, is my favorite abdominal exercise. 

This is so effective for toning the stomach.  It does more than abs of course, which is great.  But give this a try and see how many you can do.

Squeeze your abs in as you lift your buttox into the air, control back to starting position. Repeat

 I did this at a park, but it can also be done on a stability ball, or just using a pillow on a non-carpeted surface.
When doing this exercise in a swing it's more challenging with the swing at the ankles and easier positioned higher on the shins.

Give my favorite things a try and have a happy and healthy day!

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