Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Whole Grains

This weekend I did something kinda crazy.  I bought a guitar. (Happy Birthday to me)   I've wanted one for a while now and on Saturday I went out for my morning jog when right there at the end of the side walk, just waiting for me was my guitar. A girl down the street was selling it at a garage sale because she never learned to play like she had planed. 
I've owned it for 3 days and already my fingers have blisters from playing, so I'm not typing very well today.  I need to build up some calluses.
Also this weekend my kids and I made "paint sandwiches," that's what they call them.   This technique is the perfect way to introduce whole grains to your kids if you have not already done so.  We all know whole grains are good for you, there's no question in that.  The question lies in how to get the family to eat them.
I have for you, the secret:
Get 100% whole wheat bread (not multi-grain), choose one that is soft as opposed to one that looks like it's been made with bricks and sawdust.
Then take small bowls and pour 1/2 TB of milk in each of them.  Also add 3 drops of food coloring to each bowl.  If you have young children hand them a clean paint brush and let them paint their healthy bread with the milk mixture.  Don't let it get sopping wet, but it will be damp and UN-eatable at this point. 

Then you plop it into the toaster where the magic begins.  The toaster firms up the bread and brings out the color.  Now it is ready to eat or be made into a sandwich.  Your child will be so excited about his art work he won't notice the new bread.  He'll gobble it up, go as big as the Green Giant and the world will be at peace! 
We can only hope right? But really kids love doing this, and it is a great disguise for the wheat bread until they get used to it.
If you have school age children (or a husband) you can do this yourself.  You can surprise them in their lunch box with a happy face or an embarrassing message that they don't want their friends to see, so they'll hurry and eat it as fast as they can.

If you have teenagers then I would start out with a blend.  One that says "made with whole wheat," or a 50-50 white to wheat ratio.  Although teens will be less impressed with a smile face.  You might want to try the Mona Lisa ;)

Go for whole grains!


  1. That is so cute! I'll definitely have to try it out some day! :D