Monday, October 29, 2012

Ab Check-Operation Catwoman

It's almost here!  The cider, the stew, freshly sewn costumes.  Speaking of witch I need to make my utility belt to go with my leather jumpsuit.  -yikes!  I can't believe I'm going to be wearing that.  But It did make for good motivation.

How are you doing on your goals, are you ready?  In honor of my tight leather and your fitness goals as well I thought we'd do an ab check.  So here is a Workout video dedicated to those abs of ours.

This whole routine is done from a plank position!!! Burn baby burn!  Do the entire video 2-3 times or just supplement this to your normal routine for a good ab kick.  Good luck.  Keep your goals in mind your almost there.


  1. Happy #Blogtober. Enjoy your costume. I'll bet you get a lot of affirmation.

  2. Thanks, we did have a ton of fun!!! I've posted pics if your interested.