Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun with squats

Remember when I said to have fun with exercise?  Well here is a cheesy, fun, yet easy to fallow squat routine.  The song used is the world wide phenomenon "Gangnam Style."

If you haven't heard it yet you can check it out on YouTube.  I wasn't sure if the lyrics were clean so I check out the translation (because the song is in Korean)  and it's clean.  The singer/songwriter is making fun of those day dreaming of the life as the rich and famous.  Thinking that they will get all the girls and everyone will want him.  It's kinda cute he describes his dream girl as one who doesn't have to wear skimpy clothes to be beautiful.  That's at least what I got out of it from a couple sites that had it translated.

Repeat the whole routine 3-4 times and don't be shy.  No one is watching.  Or, get your friends, kids, whoever and do it together.  Mine loved it, and asked to do it over and over.

p.s. Sorry its fuzzy the lighting kept changing so my camera was trying to focus. We'll work on that.

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