Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Wordrobe

There is a nip in the air but it's not yet frigged.  So what to wear?
Here are some essential pices to keep you working out in cool temeratures:
Start with a tank and layer on a light jacket.  You'll be working out you need to plan for temperature changes.  The jacket can come off when your sufficiently warm, or you can just unzip a bit for ventilation.

Next choose your bottoms. Is it really windy and you need pants? (I did this moaning)  Or are you indoors and capris will do better, again giving you coverage but still ventilation.

Also pay attention to when your working out.  This is one of my favorite tanks because bolds are so in right now the bright color allows me to be seen by cars as I go running in the morning.

Very importantly, the sports bra.  If your serious about working out avoid a cotton bra.  They wear out too quick and don't provide a lot of support.  Not worth the money.  Target, TJ Max and others sell good quality spandex poly blends for $14 - $25.  Which is really reasonable compared to $50-$60 which you'll see at sporting good stores.

The weather is rarely an excuse for not working out.  With the right gear its not only doable but can be fashionable comfortable too.

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