Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Screen Detox

Hey all,
Sorry I missed last week.  My computer's motherboard fried and my work laptop kicked the bucket too.  What a week for technological disasters.  All my work is done electronically so I was completely useless.

Well not exactly.  I used the time to read and meditate everyday.  My stress level went down 10 notches.  I worked on projects like cleaning the basement- which now looks great.  And I did a lot of quilting.  I'm working on two large twin sized quilts for my boys.  There are sport themed, for their new room this summer.

It was amazing how life these days revolves around electronics and when we shut it all down we can breath again.  (minus the on-line bill pay, not being on top of that for two weeks did get me nervous, and now playing catch up with work)  It really was good for our family. 

For good health I think every 3 months we will shut down for a week and just slow down. I think that is one of the reasons I like camping so much.  No distractions or nonsense.  Just nature, exercise and relaxation. 

Being that this Sunday is Mother's day I really encourage you to toss the electronics until then.  You can focus on your to-do list.  Get those projects done and slow down a bit.  It's a good reminder about what is really important in life: God and family.

Also, I did research on healthy eating on a super tight budget, just to see how little I could spend.  Again you will be amazed!  But for now think about the screen detox.

One last item of business:  Green Giant Chips.  The ingredients did have some pleasing surprises, such as spelt and quinoa.   In my opinion it is the best so called "health chip" there is.  It's still not up to par with a salad or green smoothie of course but for a chip-very good, 5 stars.

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