Monday, March 11, 2013

Green Smoothies

I've been playing around with Green Smoothies lately, and I must say I'm liking them quite a bit!
The first recipe I used was not the greatest and it made 3 servings- they forgot to mention that.  So I made the rest into popsicles and ice cubes.

This was is where my world went very very right.
I had the munchies yesterday and I didn't want to eat anything I'd regret so I pulled out a green popsicle and my kids' eyes were bulging with envy!

So I gave them one and figured they would say it's gross and put it down.
Nope, they gobbled up that spinach, celery, lettuce, apple, pear popsicle like it was nothin'
To amaze you further after breakfast the next day they asked for more.  Shocked and awe.  So I made more which I will give them after their naps.

The secret with new food always seems to be presentation.  I had it and didn't offer it to them, they got to "want it" first.  Another thing to try is maybe bust these out on St. Pateriks Day.

We will now made these magic popsicles daily and they can have them morning, noon or night.
Win-win right?


  1. That looks great! There are always sweets around our office, and I need to start bringing my own healthy snacks. I'll make some this weekend and see how the girls at work like them. Thanks Jamie!

  2. Your so welcome, I'll post a recipe for you.