Friday, February 15, 2013

50% off sale

Here is the rest of your Feb calendar.

And the link so you may download and put it on your fridge etc.:

Great news!  All our demo fitness ropes are on sale.  And I mean Sale!!!  These ropes are practically mint.  Perfect condition, some just have a little dirt on them.

Usual package is $140: 50' rope, with comfort grip handles, coated anchor point, and 8 audio workout routines, with exercise guide book.  Then there is shipping too.

But not for you!  You get the whole package for $70 with shipping included.   Use that tax return to get healthy.

We also offer the same package with a 40' rope for $60.
Check out this video of just a few moves...

Can you feel that energy? This such an amazing way to get and stay fit.  Personal Trainers use these on their clients all the time to get them in excellent condition.  For the price of about one or two training session you can have the equipment and the workouts to use over again.

All our demo products go fast (because of the ridiculously low prices) so it is a private sale.  I'm only advertising here.   All packages will be sold using PayPal.
If you'd like one e-mail me: and let me know what size of rope you want.

Your gonna love it.

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