Monday, April 22, 2013

Green Giant's Got Chips

 We all know Green Giant.  Growing up with the laughing Giant commercials.  They've been good for veggies for ever!  Now their trying other foods.  Hummmm.....

Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips Zesty Cheddar and Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips with sea salt are their latest additions to the Green Giant Family.
Both of these I was given to run a taste test on.
How did they rate?
The Zesty Cheddar tastes just like Doritos.  This was my favorite of the two.

I also gave these to my hubby because they don't taste like they'd be healthy.  He thought they were alright.  But what surprised me is that he raved about the Sweet Potato chips.  The kids and I ate up the Sweet Potato ones because I never thought for one second he'd like them. (not being into health and all)
He found a mini bag and started chopping on them and asked if there were any more.-Shock and awe.

So 5 stars on taste from the whole fam!
Next time we'll dive into the ingredients.  You may be in for a happy surprise.

p.s. I am a bzz agent and  was given these products free to taste test.

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  1. So I saw these chips at Smiths the other day on sale for $1 for a medium sized bag. I remembered your blog and decided to try it... they were delicious! Thanks for the tip!