Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Conveniently Healthy

I received a Kroger challenge to test out the taste and convince of Kroger brand products specifically their summer goods like chips and soda.

Everyone knows that convenience foods are not health foods so I took the challenge but wanted to see how well I could do this being health conscious.

I received vouchers for hamburgers, buns, chips, and soda, and off I went.

We started out with slider burgers on 100% whole wheat buns.  What is a slider you ask?  Its a mini hamburger.  Which is perfect, perfect I tell you.  For two reasons, one is keeps our portions in control.  It allows us to enjoy it with out overkill.  Two, it's also a convenient size for kids.  You don't have to give them a half a burger that will fall apart, or a hot dog full of composite pieces.
I topped it with fresh cilantro and lettuce from my garden and had a deliciously portioned burger.

Next we found whole grain chips, which are nothing special as to health but if my kids are going to eat chips I'd rather they be whole grain. (or those Green Giant chips still take all!)

For the soda, well I was not going to let me or my kids have that, so we bought Kroger Fruit Punch instead.  Wow was that a mistake.  I did a major no, no and didn't read the label.  It had a whopping 47 grams of sugar.  Lemonade didn't seem much better either.  Next time we do a picnic or have a special occasion drink I'll just get them juice in a can or something.

I also added watermelon and grapes to our meal.

Everything was well priced and tasted very good. My family all left the table happy and satisfied.
 I was surprised to find out that they had Turkey burgers too, for a low fat option. So I hope this helps you find quick yet more healthier options for your picnic and outing this summer. 

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