Monday, June 3, 2013

Is Greek Yogurt Better than Regular?

I started training a new client this last month, and as we were discussing her diet greek yogurt and traditional yogurt came up.

First off let me warn you about traditional yogurt.  It deviously houses around 26g of sugar per serving!!!   Yikes.  At 24g of sugar you can eat a full sized Twix bar.   Yes, that's right traditional yogurt has the same amount of sugar as candy bars do.  Don't do it.  Bad, bad, bad! 

Opt for the plain versions.  Which honestly don't taste good unless you mix it with things.  Such as frozen berries, granola and a pinch of honey.

Now going greek.  What is it exactly?  Greek yogurt has been strained longer, making it thicker, reducing some sugar, and thus resulting in more protein per serving.

So good right?  Well not so fast.  We have the same problems with greek as we do traditional...fat and sugars.  Both vary by brand.  Some brands had 29g of sugar and 8g of fat.  If your watching your waistline these would not be the things to eat.

If weight maintenance or loss is a goal for you then go greek plain non-fat. 

Why plain?  If it's flavored that's where all the extra sugars come in.  The only way to reduce the harmful junk is to take out those flavoring syrups.

The greek's thicker creamer texture is great for making creamsicles, dressings, substitutions for sour cream, mayonnaise and more.  It is a great option but only if  you stay informed.  Make sure you compare labels before putting it in your shopping cart.

I ended up with Stonyfield Organic Greek plain yogurt after comparing what was at my local supermarket.
130 cal, 9g of sugar, 0g fat, 23g protein-love that large protein amount.

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