Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From the Trenches

I write about what is healthy and what is not, what is good for you and what will bring you down.  I've been educated and I write about health because I know how it feels to have health problems.

So the last couple months have been really ruff on me, and even more so lately.  I have hypothyroidism.  Which in short means that my metabolism does not work like it should.  So I eat and my body can't use the energies, nutirants, etc.  So if you don't use it it.  And the major set back is not having energy.  Two weeks ago I was crying because I was so so so incredibly tired.

It stinks, but that's my cards, and as long as I keep tabs on my condition I can live with it.

So I wanted you to know that my life/body is not perfect either.  I have issues, but I don't let them be excuses. I make them reasons.

Because I have this I exercise to keep my weight in check.  Because I have this I eat healthy so I can keep my skin, hair, nails as good as I can get them.  So I can have energy to at least smile at my kids.

So what ever you may have or what ever condition your body is in just know that I'm in the trenches with you.  And it's a battle that we can't give up on.  Because if we do then things will only get worse.  Only through nutrition and exercise can we have a greater quality of life.  So stick with it, push through it.  I'm with ya. You wont' regret it.

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