Friday, December 21, 2012

Fitness 2 Fashion

Truly the number #1 excuse for not staying healthy is time.  I deal with this constantly.  I need to workout and be somewhere in a flash!  I love to be cute and do fun things with my clothes and hair.   So today I'm going to level with you and show you me, post work out, no makeup!  And take you through the hair and getting dressed for going out.

This outfit and hair is pretty simple and is cute for a 7 min job, then 3 min. for makeup (which I did after filming).  If you have more time like 10-15 min. -oh the things I could show you! Sadly I didn't show you the best job in the video.  I forgot the moose and other things being in a rush and filming.  So use moose before you twist and that will prevent any fuzz.

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