Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Year, a New You

Operation Catwoman is long over and I had plans for a new and grand operation but alas my plans have been set back.  Which is quite timely because the New Year is upon us.  90% of Americans seem to all have the same resolution: Be healtiher.

So let's do it!  Operation New You is here.  The second thing I always tell people when starting our is: exercise and start eating whole grains.  What's so bad about the "white stuff"?  Let me tell you:

Flours, pastas, baked goods etc. that use refined flours are deficient in MANY essential vitamins and minerals.  Sure when their done with the refining process the toss in a few select vitamins but that's no where near what it should be and it's usually a scientific derivative.  This leads to diseases such as celiacs (gluten intolerance), diabetes and others.

So WHY?  Why did all food companies decide to cross over to the dark side?  Well, it was unintentional.   Scientist found that by removing parts of the grain such as the Germ and the Bran from wheat that it could be preserved longer.  So they did it, and loved it.  Less spoilage meant more profits and less stress when things were shipped.  What they didn't know then is that they would be causing lots of grief for the next generations.

Now that this is known there has been a major push to whole grains.  About two-three years ago General Mills cereals started labeling their boxes "made with whole grains."  Lots of people flocked to Lucky Charms, and Frosted Flakes because of it.  Well people got smarter.  Yes it had whole grains in it, but not much!  As health advocates lectured on this deception. General Mills finally stepped it up and they now read "whole grain first ingredient." Which is a lot better.  I'll save wither they're good for you or not for another day.

These refined grains are known as "empty calories."  Think of it this way a tablespoon of sugar has the same number of calories as an orange.  But what's the difference?  For one the orange has natural sugars in it and two, it's filled with valuable nutrients.  So empty calories is just putting calories into your body with nothing else going for ya.

This is a brief summery of the importance of whole grains. (not to mention the anti-parasitic and caner properties)
So try to make the switch, do it gradually so you can get accustom to the new taste and texture. Try mixed blends of white and wheat first.  We'll talk more about this.

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