Monday, January 7, 2013

A New You- 5 Steps to Success

The most common New Year's resolution is to loose weight.  Close behind that is to be more organized, and also to live a more balanced life.

Data presented by the University of Scraton states that only 45% of Americans make resolutions.  Of those 45% only 64% continue past the first month.  By 6 months out it drops to 46% and then only 12% actually reach their goals.

Does this sound familiar? These are sad numbers! No wonder people think Americans are so slothful and don't amount to much.  I think this reflects two things.  One, because we're not working hard any more.  We've lost the value of sweat and physical labor, the prerequisite to the American dream.  So often we except it to happen and blame others when it doesn't.  I hope you do not fall into this category.  The other, we don't know the way.  Unsure of how to get where we want to be.  How to endure the long road to success.  Where is happiness and how to get it.

My Friend let's be the 12% and hopefully it will become 25% as we lead other to achieve as well. Let's do this together.
To make this year a success answer the following:

1.What do you want?

Label your goal here.  And be specific! Loose weight is not specific.  Lose 20lbs is.

2. Why?

Give your purpose here. Don't be superficial, get deep why do you want what you want. An example: I want to lose weight so I can have more energy to be with my kids and play with them. I want to be a good example of health and self-esteem.  Through fitness I can be more loving and patient.  I don't want my kids to grow up without having good memories of family time.  I want to have a relationship with them now so when they are teens we can communicate better and they know I'm always here for them.

3. Baby Steps

Here I want you to give at least 5 steps of how you will accomplish your goal.  List as many as you can but at least 4.
Example: Exercise 3x a week, Cut out fried foods, get to bed early, start eating whole grains, cut drinks.

4. Action

For every step you need a plan of action.  How are you going to fulfill that?  Example: I will exercise 3x a week at 7:00am by doing home workout videos.
See how it's every specific on what, how, when?  That's what we need.

5. Emergency Plan

List what you are going to do when you don't want to do a step, or forget to?  Such as what will you do when you go on vacation or are sick and miss exercising?  What about when you really really want those onion rings?  What ya gonna do?
Example: I can have one cheat a month.  Only one. When I go on vacation I will bring my resistance bands or do laps in a hotel pool.
The point is to make sure you have all the situations planned out.  The good the bad and the ugly.

*Also very very helpful is to enlist some help.  Get your friend, sister neighbor on board with you. someone who will encourage you when you need it.  I'm also available.  Need help or advice? Leave me a comment, e-mail, or tweet me (@efficentbejamie)

Goals are so so important  if we are to achieve anything it is through goals and acting on them.  So print the above picture out, and fill it out.  And lets be successful together.  I'm going to start sharing my goals with you.  One personal and one health related.  You can join in on mine or choose your own.  But please make them.

Health: Make bread with freshly milled flour (it's so healthy!)

Personal: Be the first to greet my husband when he walks in the door.

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