Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time Management 101

Lately I've had lots of friends and bloggers all talking and wondering the same thing:  How to do it all, how to have fun, how to feel a sense of accomplishment.

It all boils down to one thing: Time Management.  While I'm not perfect, and have fallen into traps that have slothfully wasted many days, I do know how to get things done.

I am embarking on a big project that will more extensively answer some of these questions, hopefully in a fun manner.  But until that project is done here, is a tip to get you started.

Schedule.  Scheduled everything!!!  Naps, free time, story time, chores time, work time.  The whole enchilada.  What ever your day looks like get it written down. That way every reasonable thing has a time and a place and can get done. 

Here is what one of my schedules look like:

This is one of four different schedules I have for every week.  I have my training days scheduled, non-training days, meeting days, and weekend.  Reason: Each of those days differs greatly, and I  need to be productive and accomplish very different tasks each of those days.

The things that are consistent are: family meals, exercise, play with kids, and spiritual study.   These things are the important ones that will happen daily.  They may happen at slightly different times or in different lengths of time but they  happen none the less.  These things that I can't/shouldn't live with out.  Those get scheduled first and the rest of the blanks get filled in.

Also the season changes our schedule too.  In the warm spring and summer we get up an hour earlier. 

It may feel silly.  But this is really an effective tool to see 1. how you spend your time 2. how to use your time 3. find balance.  So I challenge you to  be cheesy and map your day out and see how you do and the difference it provides in your life.

p.s. It's helpful to wear a watch too.

Goals:  Guys, I was terrible on my goals.  Really terrible!  It was because my heart wasn't in it.  I wrote down to not eat chocolate hoping it would change me.  But I didn't commit to it.  So word to the wise commit first.  Don't do something you should do  unless you've got your heart in it too.  Both of my goals I will be re-doing.  This time for real!

Health-No chocolate (until Monday when new goals are made;)

Personal- Get the darn page scrapbooked.

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