Thursday, January 10, 2013

Train with me for 2 months

Guys, I'm so rude!
Here you come to visit me all the time on my blog (what a good friend) and I don't even give you a Christmas present.  What a Jerk.

So let me make it up to you.

Here is your copy to print, pin, or a really good idea is to set it as your backdrop on your computer so you'll see it all the time and be reminded of your goals and to do your workout.

I want you to pick a time every day that you can spend to exercising. Also note on the calendar that there is "you time " on the days were there is no routine scheduled, option A: is to do your own workout if you are advanced or really ambitious.  Option B: do something for you i.e read a book, craft, shop whatever.  But do all these at the same time. So if you work out at 1:00 then on "you time"  Read your book at 1:00.  Get it?  This is important to creating a habit.  Which is what we want.  Your exercise is to be scheduled and regular.

The name above the "work out with me" icon is the name of the video.  Can be found on this blog and on YouTube.  (the second video will be posted on Monday-sorry.  So you'll have to sub in the New Year's Countdown for today if you've not worked out already)

Take on this challenge to follow your calendar.  It's gradual, so don't freak out.  You can do this.
Remember: If it's important you'll find a way.  If it's not, you'll find an excuse.

My goals this week I did accomplish!  My bread tasted great, almost too great. (I eat it all the time)  And My hubby laughs when I rush to the door to be the first one to him.
How did you do?

New ones:
Personal: Call a friend
Health: workout 15 extra minutes

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