Thursday, January 3, 2013


So I decided on the Nutrimill, because I'd take bulky over something that I could easily damage.  I'm not a very delicate person.  Quite clumsy in all aspects.  This one seemed more durable and me-proof.
Another reason I chose it is because it produces a finer flour that the Wonder Mill and that is very important in making a good all-purpose flour.
I'll test it out when it comes and let you know how it rides.

 And here is your workout I promised.  It's a New Year's theme.  We do 10 different exercises back to back in a countdown fashion.  Repeat this 3 times through.  This is the first routine that will be part of your 2 month plan.  More details to come.  For now gives this a go. Be fit, and have fun!

p.s.  To make things easier for you Pin the top picture to your health and fitness board so you can quickly find this routine whenever you want to do it.

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