Monday, January 14, 2013

Train With Me (free) for Two Months- Part II

The moment you've all been waiting for!  Your second video, "The 30 Second Circuit," as a part of your two month train with me program.

As usual repeat this 3x through for a complete kick your butt, get your sweat on workout.

Also don't forget to plan your goals for the week!
Last time I missed my "call a friend" goal.  I did call a friend, but not the one I intended too.
So I'm re-doing that one.  But my fitness goal is a Check!  I did add 15 minutes on to my routine that day.

Make your own or use mine.


Personal- Call a friend

Health- Dink more than I eat (and no we're not talking actually "drinking."  This is a health blog, nice try though.  We're talking water;)

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